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"the autumn leaves begin to fall"

A cornucopia

Another cornucopia

Another cornucopia

Little Indian and pilgrim boys

Little pilgrim girl and boy

A scarecrow

A pilgrim

A pumpkin vine

An autumn tree

Four golden autumn leaves

A leaf blows across the screen

Autumn leaf line

Small autumn leaf line

A leaf line

An ear of harvest corn

White squirrel eating acorns

A brown squirrel

Quaint home in autumn splendor

Candy corn

A squirrel with some harvest corn

Mouse with pilgrim hat in autumn wreath

Pretty grapevine autumn bar

A bear with a pumpkin

Cute little boy with a pumpkin

Little girl with a broom and hat

Pumpkinhead trick or treater

Two cute squirrels and a pumpkin

Racoon curled up in a fall basket

Two squirrels with a pumpkin