"snips, and snails, and puppy dog tails"

Monarch butterfly

Animated bee

A ladybug crawls across the screen

A spider

A toucan on a branch

Colorful parrot waves at you

A pheasant

A sparrow

Two sparrows on branches

Nesting sparrow

Brown sparrow facing left

Brown sparrow facing right

A red cardinal on a branch

Birds fly across the screen

Two red birds hop over each other

White dove in flight

Elephant walking

Small tan puppy

Cute animated puppy

A dalmation puppy dog wagging

White wolf running

A white wolf's head

A cute kitty winks at you

Kitty washes his face

Cat winks at you

Cat and mouse play

Kitty sits in flowers

Kitty eyes, tongue, and whiskers

Cute little kitty paws the floor

Another kitty winks at you

Blue blinking cats eyes

The ugliest cat on the face of the earth

A small hopping bunny

A cute lamb blinks his eyes

A running cheetah

Large black and white cow

Panda bear walking

A little panda jumps rope

Froggy points things out

A green frog

A snail leaving a trail

A soaring owl

A blue owl picture

A black and white pic of an owl

Brown owl on a tree stump

A unicorn jumps through lightening

A cute animated mouse

A brown mousie sits up and eats

Three deer grazing

Cute lil winking ostrich

Mama and baby teddy bears

A blue octapus

An octapus waves at you

A brown octapus