"come and get it!"

The piece of cake above

The cup of coffee above

Coffee and webtv logo

Small birthday cake with one candle

A piece of peach pie

Loaf of bread

A ham with pineapple on top

A head of cabbage

Skillet of eggs and bacon

A hamburger on a bun

Hamburger with all the trimmings

A can of Coke

A can of Jolt cola

A bottle of Snapple

A glass of milk

A small glass of soft drink

Bunch of Concord grapes

A large red strawberry

A bunch of bananas

A small banana peels itself

Three cherries

A peach

A red apple

An apple bar

Some candy corn

A cherry double popsicle

An egg breaks

A pretzel

Chocolate chip cookie

Animated drumstick jumps up at you

French fries

Onion rings

Gingerbread cookie

Ice Cream cone disappears

Animated recipe box

Nedstat Counter