"home is where the heart is"

A baby's crib with mobile

A blue baby's highchair

A set of bunkbeds

A double bed

A four-poster bed

A cat dances his way through a dresser

Roll of bathroom tissue

A bathtub with pleasant setting

A canister vacuum cleaner

A cookie jar

Blue armchair

A blue sofa

A Victorian leather couch

Another Victorian couch

A blue sofa

White sofa with throw pillows

An empty rocking chair

A small table with blue lamp

A small table with flowers on it

Brown table with lamp on it

A wall mirror

Animated small appliances in a blue and white kitchen

Purple kitchen

Table and chairs set

A washer and dryer combo

White kitchen stove

A hutch

A toaster

Desk chair on wheels

Old fashioned floor lamp

A floorlamp with blue shade

A lamp blinking

Animated microwave oven

A computer

A monitor

A printer

A wheelbarrow

A small wooden fence with gate

Animated old fashioned radio

Rolling pin

A throw rug

TV with snowy screen

Modern TV with snowy screen

Modern TV with animated picture

Animated TV with remote control

Portable TV set

Nedstat Counter