"spring is in the air"

Small animated green tree

Budding spring tree

A birdhouse in a wooden bucket

A bird

Bunny with umbrella and basket

A bunny with an opened blue umbrella

A green leaf (right)

A green leaf (left)

Smaller green leaf (right)

Smaller green leaf (left)

Large sprig of ivy leaves

Beautiful single pink rose

Pretty peach colored rose blossom

A pretty flower cart

Two red tulips

Pretty red tulip

Three tulips

A flowerpot of tulips

One yellow tulip, green bar

A yellow tulip line

A girl watering tulips

Two little girls with spring flowers

A row of large animated tulips

A park bench and tree

Spring daffodils in a bouquet

Large bunch of spring flowers

A watering can with spring flowers

A horseshoe with spring flowers

Spring flowers (left corner)

Spring flowers (right corner)

Large bouquet of spring flowers

A wheelbarrow

A pretty spring garden gate

White picket fence with flowers

Spring garden line

Large spring sign with flowers

Large green spring sign